Academic Calendar 2024-2025

Sl No.DatesEvents and Activities
101 August, 24Commencements of new session
215 August, 24Independence Day
316 August, 24Celebration of College Foundation Day
423 August, 24Freshmen Social
519-22 August, 24Sessional Examination
701 October, 24Cleanliness Awareness programme
802 October, 24Celebration of Gandhi Jayanti
907 October, 24Election of BBKCSU
1010-20 October, 24Durga Puja Vacation
1125 October, 24Student Counselling and Mid Semester Feedback programme
1221 November-15 December, 24End Semester Examination
13December, 24/January, 25Semester Break as per BU Notification
1420 January, 25Commencements of Even Semester
1526 January, 25Celebration of Republic Day
1601-07 February, 25College
1710 February, 25IQAC Meeting
1828 February, 25National Science Day Celebration
1901 March-07 March, 25College Week
2008 March, 25Celebration of International Women’s Day
2120-24 March, 25Sessional Examination
2231 March, 25Chatra Divas
2330 April, 25Student Counselling and Mid Semester Feedback programme
2407-31 May, 25End Semester Examination 
2505 June, 25World Environment Day
262nd week of June, 25Educational Excursion
27July, 25Summer Vacation

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