Important Information

Things to know

Rules and Regulations

  • No student shall be admitted to any course of studies if he/she is found to have indulged in activities detrimental to academic interest.
  • A student who is found to have violated college rules shall be liable to expulsion.
  • A student who is found to have indulged in consumption of drugs or intoxicating drinks, gambling or other Immoral activities shall be liable to expulsion.
  • Each academic session will run as per Academic Calendar.
  • Classes will commence on the date to be notified after admission.
  • Student admitted to various courses of studies are required to participate instructions (lectures, group discussions, tutorials, seminars and other academic activities) as prescribed and shall be expected to participate in the co-curricular and extra -curricular activities organised by the college. They are required to participate in the evaluation process as prescribed by the Authority. Students who fail to do so without assigning sufficient reasons to the satisfaction of the competent authority shall not be permitted to continue their studies.
  • A student failing to attend classes for 30 days at a stretch from the date of commencement of the classes shall forfeit his/her seat if he/she fails to provide satisfactory reasons.
  • Students failing to attend at least 75 % of total classes in a session will not be qualified for scholarship/promotion.
  • In case of loss of Identity Card / Lib. Card, students are to immediately report to the college authority and get               duplicate card(s) on payment for prescribed fees.
  • Students are expected to use college property with utmost care and help to keep the college campus neat and tidy.
  • The decision of the Executive Body (Governing Body) on all matters relating to students’ indiscipline shall be final and binding.
  • Mobile phones inside the classroom and examination hall are strictly prohibited.
  • Wearing of the college uniform is compulsory during college hours on all occasions.
  • Ragging is strictly prohibited and its violation leads sever punishment.  

Procedure for Internal Evaluation

  • 1. The allotted marks for internal evaluation (20%) in each paper will be based on the following:
    • (a) Sessional Examination I  (10 %)
    • (b) Seminar/dissertation/field study etc (10 %)
  • 2. Each sessional examination will be of one hour duration and be conducted by the concerned teacher of each paper. The setting of question paper, invigilation duty, evaluation of answer scripts for each paper will be done by the concerned teacher(s) as a part of his/her normal duty.
  • 3. The college authority/AAC will fix the exact date of the sessional examination in each paper following the guidelines of academic schedule. Each sessional examination will be one hour duration and the students should write the examination in proper university answer books.
  • 4. Although classes attendance is not considered for Internal evaluation, each student will be assessed every week with different academic activities such as lectures, group discussion, demonstration session,   home assignments, seminars etc. For such credit point will be awarded to the students for each paper  and grading system will be introduced as per B.U. guideline. The final result of the semester course will  be calculated on the basis of the grade points obtained by the students in the entire course. Details of the credit and grading point system will be made available to students after admission.

Procedure for External Evaluation

  • 1. The University Authority notifies the dates of final examination of each semester in due time. 
  • 2. Each paper have 80 % of the total marks for external evaluation. The final semester examination is of three hour duration for a paper of 80 marks (Excluding Internal 20 % marks) . 
  • 3. Pass mark in each paper is 40 % (both Internal + External) 
  • 4. A student who fails in one or more papers should repeat the paper(s) by attending all the classes and       appearing for Internal and External examinations at the next opportunity. A student gets three chances  for clearing the paper (s) within five years from the date of admission to the degree programme.

Key Points of Semester System

  • 1. A student will get maximum three chances to clear a particular semester. Three chances means, three continuous examinations of a particular semester irrespective of a student appears or not. For example, a student of 2014 batch will get three chances i.e. in 2014, 2015 and 2016, thus, student shall have to complete his/her all papers of all Semester Examination in 2016.
  • 2. Students can apply for repeat/arear Examination in all semester within 5 years of academic calendar.
  • 3. Re evaluation of answer scripts should be addressed to the Deputy Controller of Examination, BU through the principal within 15 days from the date of declaration of results of the respective examination.
  • 4. Students passing in any paper(s) of a semester need to appear in the remaining papers (Failed or not appeared) in the next examination. Students passing in practical paper(s) of a subject need to appear only in theory paper(s) in the subsequent examination.
  • 5. It is mandatory for all students to appear in Sessional Examinations. The minimum mark for passing in each paper is 40 % of the total marks.
  • 6. Subject correction and switch over cases from Honours Course to Regular course is allowed in 1st semester only. Students applying for switch over from Honours Course to Regular course need to send the information immediately before the examination form fill up.
  • 7. Application Form for Name Correction, Withheld Result Clearance, Subject Correction, Duplicate Grade Sheet/Mark Sheet, Admit Card, Re-evaluation of Answer Scripts etc. may be downloaded from BU Website (www. and to be submitted to the principal of the respective colleges for counter signature along with necessary documents and fees.

Teaching-Learning Evaluation

It has been a constant challenge before the teaching community of this institution to understand the needs and interests of the students who come from a multilingual, society of a rural, tribal and economically backward area. Hence, the teachers take a very careful, holistic and balanced approach to promote education for better and higher quality of life. It has been our endeavor to promote more and more self-learning among the learners through brain storming, random questioning, group discussion, debating, inter-learning, project work etc. The college attaches great importance to receive students’ feedback to improve upon the overall academic quality of the institution. Apart from the-final examination as fixed by AHSEC and BU at the end of each academic session, the college conducts Internal Evaluations to assess and monitor students’ periodic performance in each subject. However, BU Academic Authority made it mandatory that there will be internal assessment of 20 % marks for each paper for Degree Class.