The College Library has a good collection of textbooks, general books, rare books, journals, periodicals and newspapers. It is catering to the need of about 1000 readers consisting of teachers, students, employees and others. The Library of the college, though not very large, is better organised. It has one students reading room and one teachers reading room. The number of books at present in the Library is around 20,000 The library functions in cataloging and close access system from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. on all working days. A computer has already been installed and computerization of the reading materials has been done. Xerox facility is available in the Library for the students, teachers as well as outsiders at concessional rate. A non-transferable library Identity Card is issued to each student along with College Identity Card at the time of admission. In case of loss of the card, students are advised to immediately report to the Librarian and get a duplicate one. Any break of library rules is punishable offence. It may lead to heavy fine or cancellation of Library identity Card. N.B.: The Library is under Computerization process.

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